Benefits of Taking a Taxi to the Airport


Cost: Avoid paying for parking at the airport for each day you are on your trip by choosing to travel to the airport by taxi.

Speed: A taxi will help you save time because they know the best and quickest route to the airport and will not allow you to get lost on the way.

Reliability: Your friend might say they can take you but what happens if something comes up last minute? What happens if the bus is late? You won’t have anything to worry about when choosing a taxi to get you to your flight on time!

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Tips on Avoiding a DUI


Being caught while Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can not only alter the course of your life, but it can be extremely pricey and leave your finances in total disrepair, here are some ways to avoid a DUI.

Acquire a Breathalyzer and test yourself before leaving the bar. As long as you haven’t had a drink within the last 30 minutes the test should give you a proper indication on your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and let you know if you’re above the legal limit. If you’re BAC is too high to drive by legal standards then it’s best just to call a cab, like Annapolis Area Cab, and get home safely!


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